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Cello Sizing Chart

This chart is primarily for children or teenagers. Adults generally use a 4/4-size cello.  Adults with smaller hands or a more petite build sometimes use a 7/8-size cello




VERY General Sizing Guidelines for Youngsters by Age

Age 2 and younger will usually use a 1/16-size cello

Age 2-5 probably will fit into a 1/10-size cello

Age 5-7 generally use a 1/8-size cello

Age 7-9 likely will use a 1/4-size cello

Age 9-11 can almost always fit into a 1/2-size cello

Age 11-13 usually use a 3/4-size cello, but likely not for long.

Age 13 and older most likely can use a 4/4 size cello.

Again, those young adults with smaller builds or shorter fingers might try the 7/8-size cello, or stay in the 3/4-size.