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Music, Bach, and Praise

This is one of my favorite quotes by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Gregory, my husband, made up a pattern and cross-stitched the whole thing himself. We have this framed and keep it on display in the studio where we teach. It's a great reminder to me of where music really comes from and what makes it [...]

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The Salt Lake Tabernacle in Gingerbread

The world-famous Salt Lake Tabernacle is the home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.  It is renowned for its excellent acoustics, and boasts an 11,000-pipe organ.It now also comes in gingerbread.This 25"x16" replica stands 9 inches tall at the top of the roof.  Inside, it showcases the Choir, Orchestra, and pipe organ. [...]

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Sibelius: The Big 150

As Finland's pre-eminent composer, Jean Sibelius holds an uncommon distinction among classical composers: at his death, he left us no un-Finnish symphonies.In honor of Sibelius on his 150th birthday, here is a brief look at some of my favorite Sibelius works:Violin Concerto in D MinorThis beautiful concerto is, unfortunately, the only violin concerto that Sibelius [...]

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A String Player's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

It's December.You have 47 gigs in the next 22 days.  Your violin students are doing their big Christmas recital this weekend.  Your friend wants you to arrange Carol of the Bells for her 6-year-old daughter to play on the cello. You're also in charge of finding a soprano soloist for your community's Messiah sing-in.  How are you going [...]

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Cello and Piano: The Gingerbread Edition

This is probably not the most important thing you will see today, but we wanted to share a bit of our Thanksgiving with you.We love gingerbread at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year, we decided to put a musical twist on it, and ended up with a piano and a cello.  We had fun making both of [...]

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Choosing the Right Strings

Here are a few tips to help you decide which strings to use:Size: 4/4? 1/8? 1/2?First of all, be sure that the strings you select match the size of your instrument (you can generally find the size of your instrument on the label inside the F-hole/sound hole).  For example, if you play on a 3/4-size violin, make sure that somewhere in [...]

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"The Scale Trail Challenge"

Making Scales Easy and Fun!     In 2009, The Scale Trail Challenge began as a simple scale pamphlet, put together to help Liz’s cello students in learning the major and minor scales and arpeggios. Each student could track their own progress as they learned the twenty-four keys, and they earned trail mix each time [...]

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Welcome to The Classy Musician!Here at The Classy Musician, we love music, and we love sharing music with other people. We are both performers, and love seeing the influence that music can have on people's lives.  We are also teachers, and are always thrilled to see our students learning to love music like we do.We [...]

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